Beyond the Box: PlayBox at BVE 2013

Beyond the Box: PlayBox at BVE 2013

PlayBoxTechnology Ben Gunkel

Stand B02 London Excel Centre 26-28 February 2013

PlayBox Technology, the world’s leading channel-in-a-box manufacturer, is presenting its new expanded product range at BVE 2013 that includes the launch of its latest module, ScheduleBox, presented alongside the latest versions of its established products. The Broadcast Systems Group is also on the stand to discuss wider requirements, from project concept to completion.

ScheduleBox is a Web-based client/server solution for creating and managing advanced schedules. Operating within a web browser the user-friendly GUI handles template-based TV broadcast planning, offering straightforward management of single, or multiple, TV channels.

Programme templates present per day, week or month views and schedule management by date per TV channel, to provide monitoring and control of all activities, from schedule creation to publishing for broadcast. Any number of users can access and collaborate, based on user rights, and there is full compatibility of programme schedules with the existing playlist format as used in AirBox playout servers and ListBox offline schedule creation. This solution is suitable for TV channels that use a block-based programme schema. It can operate with multi-format TV channels with predefined and repeated blocks as part of the programme schema, and is designed to provide easier control and information gathering as well as better organisation.

Ben Gunkel, UK Sales Director comments, “We have had a phenomenal year of continued strong growth. This is in part due to our Broadcast Systems Group that operates globally, and that we are evolving; now working beyond the ‘box’. Many of our customers want more; they want complete working systems. Yes, our boxes can do a lot but there is always the need for, at least, peripheral equipment. And when customers are looking for more, all the way up to complete MCRs and studios, we are now able to support them, wherever they are.”

PlayBox Technology is running one-to-one demonstrations presenting the latest developments and technology of its playout solutions. BVE visitors can also sit down and talk with the Broadcast Systems Group about complete workflows from a single-channel playout to a multi-channel broadcast centre with MAM, traffic and news. Other popular solutions include TimeShiftBox, lossless quality time delay for +1 channels, EdgeBox fully redundant automatic remote playout with local branding anywhere in the world via internet, and AdBox for local and remote advert insertion.