PlayBox Puts QC in the Box at NAB 2011

PlayBox Puts QC in the Box at NAB 2011

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April 11-14, Las Vegas Convention Center Stand: N5835

PlayBox Technology, the #1 international ‘TV Channel in a Box’ manufacturer with over 9,500 playout and branding channels worldwide, is launching QCBox at NAB 2011. QCBox provides automatic quality control, giving an assessment of the technical quality of the media to guarantee successful playout via an AirBox playout server.

QCBox analyses the relevant media files in a playlist, folder or selected files. Basic tests include checking for correct duration, continuity (no missing or overlapped frames), blocking, frozen and black frames as well as audio tests, including loudness. All test results are stored in a metadata file accompanying the media file. Then, prior to the file’s subsequent playout, the AirBox reads the QC metadata and may be configured to skip, show a warning before playing, or play the file depending on the quality results. In addition the audio data from QCBox can be used for volume control.

Krasimir Dachev, CTO, PlayBox Technology comments, “QCBox reflects the confidence our customers have in us to partner with them and build the playout systems they want. They wanted quality control included within their playout, and here it is, fully integrated into the systems, adding zero space and running without the need of human intervention.”