IBC2010 Press Preview

IBC2010 Press Preview

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PlayBox Technologythe #1 international ‘TV channel in a box’ manufacturer, now powers over 9,000 playout and branding channels worldwide with ‘box’ or highly integrated modular workflows. Developing and refining its core playout products for over 10 years, it offers the best of both worlds – broadcast performance and IT prices. New additions to the product line at IBC2010 extend the scope of the company’s fully integrated playout capabilities for efficient and highly automated workflows.

NEW TrafficBox – Traffic Management
Targeted at broadcasters who need TV business management solutions, TrafficBox includes all the features needed for programme planning, advertising sales and long-term playlists scheduling. It also enables the preparation of the physical material that is presented on-air: the video, audio, text, graphics and subtitles.

The traffic management system within TrafficBox is a client / server database application provided by Step2e. This allows a virtually unlimited number of users to access the management server where all relevant data can be entered, saved and modified. A high level of integration with PlayBox Technology automation systems allows both new and existing broadcasters to achieve more efficient workflows. It offers significant advantages in the overall management of both single and multi-channel TV operations, such as allowing the programme planning department to modify active rundowns without the involvement of the MCR personnel; or reducing the operator time required for everyday tasks, while eliminating the chances of mistakes caused by human error.

NEW AdBox – Commercial Insertion Server
PlayBox Technology’s AdBox addresses the growing trend for the local insertion of commercials and a significant demand by multinational broadcasters for local content insertion and localization. AdBox is a state-of-the-art SD / HD Commercial Insertion and Content Localization Server contained in 1RU compact cases with PSU and RAID protection included. It can detect and decode virtually all types of triggers – SCTE 35 DTMF tone, audio DTMF tone or GPI. Customers can choose if live feed-to-playlist switches are performed internally or externally by controlling a router. The local clips and playlists are remotely transferred via FTP and the playlist order can be managed interactively, even when the local commercials block is already on-air.

NEW EdgeBox – Remote Redundant Playout Server
The PlayBox Technology EdgeBox forms the centrepiece of the company’s unattended automated remote playout solutions. EdgeBox enables the full operation and monitoring of distant broadcast playout using public internet as the link for all content delivery, control and monitoring. Customisable to fit user requirements, single and multi-channel operation, as well as full equipment redundancy, are available. Rather than offering only unbranded generic feeds, EdgeBox can enable the complete localisation of content branding, including commercials, station IDs, multilingual audio, subtitles, graphics and even programme content. This makes possible low-cost worldwide ‘local’ playout from any network operations location.

NEW TimeShiftBox
PlayBox Technology is introducing TimeShiftBox for SDI video. Originally developed in response to popular demand from existing PlayBox customers, TimeShiftBox can delay video and audio together by any amount from a few seconds to several days. The package includes logo insertion and an optional full CG package with interactive graphics that are internally keyed over the output video. Operation is straightforward with a main menu window that allows setting the delay. TimeShiftBox also inherits useful monitoring features, such as viewing the preview input and delayed output video, as well as the audio level monitoring as already used in the established AirBox playout server.


The full range PlayBox Technology’s products, all of which have migrated to Windows 7 and make up the modular structure of the playout systems, are on show. These include the established AirBox playout server, TitleBox on-air dynamic graphics and CG, CaptureBox ingest server, SafeBox content management, ListBox programme scheduling and SubtitlePlus subtitling preparation.

More recent products also on show are:       

PlayBox MAM
PlayBox MAM media asset management system can be the heart of a small TV station or of a large broadcast centre. It can organise and manage the assets of single or multi-channel operations, as well as the other content of diverse business operations. PlayBox MAM is available as a stand-alone solution or working with PlayBox Technology ingest, playout and branding systems for all areas from production and post through to TV broadcasters and multi-channel playout centres.

The NewsAir newsroom computer system integrates with PlayBox Technology playout capabilities to offer performance and a new level of cost-effectiveness for newsroom operations. The NewsAir NRCS provides journalists with a networked collaborative environment that can include news archive, chat, a phonebook and agency news aggregation, as well as operation over the internet that can work either separately or integrated with video facilities. The PlayBox Technology/NewsAir combination provides live news production and on-air performance at a fraction of the cost of established market suppliers, but not at the cost of performance and capabilities.

Digital Signage
PlayBox DS is a next-generation digital signage platform that builds on PlayBox Technology’s robust broadcast foundation to create a powerful and flexible new entry to the digital signage market. With straightforward multi-screen HD playout, as well as broadcast quality graphics and an easy-to-use interface, PlayBox DS, like all PlayBox Technology products, breaks new price-performance ground. PlayBox DS software can host 3D objects created on a 3D graphics package – ideal for detailed interactive displays. Suitable for the smallest projects to huge multinational installations with thousands of screens, PlayBox DS is a heavyweight performer at an affordable price.