PlayBox Showcases Its Expanding Range of Products

PlayBox Showcases Its Expanding Range of Products

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Booth N5829 Las Vegas Convention Center, April 12-15, 2010

PlayBox Technology has been operating in the North and Latin American markets for over eight years and is an established brand in TV automation, playout and graphics. Now, with more than 750 local TV and branding channels in the Americas and over 8,000 channels in over 100 countries worldwide powered by PlayBox products, the company has become a world standard. For many in the USA and Latin America the cost-effective channel-in-a-box product has proved the perfect solution, providing reliability, ease of use and a full feature set as well as free 24/7 support.

New: AirBox supports Windows 7

The new AirBox playout server supports Windows 7 and provides many new features. New playback capabilities include simultaneous scaling (picture-in-picture) of both live input and playlist output allowing, for example, squeeze-on/ squeeze-off transitions performed within the playout server. Also multiple live video sources allow the simultaneous output of “common” live with the additional playlist live source. Other new capabilities include a DTMF Generator, multi-channel audio support within a new multi-format playout plugin, multi-audio control (reordering the audio streams), dynamic WSS, per-clip field order and aspect ratio description, live UDP / SDI without time limit, Macromedia Flash playback support (.FLV files), as well as Deltacast video output card support including SD and HD plus CC ETA 708 (608).

New: TitleBox goes 3D

PlayBox Technology’s established interactive graphics CG system, TitleBox, delivers multi-layered simultaneous crawls, rolls, animated logos, clocks and text templates that are just a mouse click away. Its advanced interactive control over on-air CG objects turns TitleBox into a powerful tool, ideally suited for channel branding, music shows, live entertainment programs, presentations, sports events titling, etc. 

Responding to the needs of the demanding American market TitleBox has now been upgraded with 3D on-air graphics. Currently three types of 3D objects are handled. Text can be extruded and rotated in 3D. Still images can be rotated and place on 3D objects including cubes and spheres. Also 3D Studio MAX files, such as 3D renders scenes, can be imported as .X files with both static and animated scenes supported in TitleBox.

Complete Subtitling

PlayBox Technology’s Subtitling solutions (SubtitlePlus, SubtitleBox, DVB Subtitle Server) provide subtitle/caption list preparation and single or multi-channel subtitling/ captioning with single or multi-language support – all at an unbeatable price.

New: Digital Signage Wall

PlayBox Technology’s next-generation digital signage platform, PlayBox Digital Signage (DS) Wall, uses an entirely new approach to building and driving video walls. Breaking from the traditional use of multiple third-party external hardware devices to drive the content to the multi-screen video walls, PlayBox DS Wall performs the task through only its own systems. This single-system-supplier approach means PlayBox DS Wall set up is plug-and-play simple, fast and accurate. Also it uses standard video outputs that will optimally drive most screens, supplying them with perfectly match video for the best display quality.

New: Monitoring and reporting 

To increase the stability, reliability and independence of its systems, PlayBox Technology is introducing to NAB a series of new monitoring and reporting modules and services.

The Bypass Relay Board adds bypass capability to third-party video boards or video devices. It can be used as simple mechanical switch or as an alarm contact. It also provides automated switching in case of power down, hardware or software failure. Built on a single PCI-X board it can serve as a cost-effective and space efficient alternative to external hardware.

New: Stream Analyzer detects freeze frames, black frames, and audio clip glitches as well as providing audio silence detection. Stream Analyzer supports logging of all events and may be connected to AlarmBox, which is a complete alarm monitoring and management module. It monitors PlayBox modules such as AirBox, CaptureBox, TitleBox, etc. and sends alarms with user-selectable messages via email, phone, SMS, SNMP or GPI.

New: PlayBox MAM

PlayBox MAM media asset management can manage and organize media files located on computers or storage devices in a network, analyze them, retrieve and edit the metadata, create sub-items and archive them with security. Its new-generation design supports both the tapeless and digital LTO tape environments.

Prices for the Crisis

In the world financial crisis PlayBox Technology offers the most cost-effective, high quality and advanced flexible solutions through the product line of SD, HD and DVB solutions. These are modular to fit with customer requirements, stable, high-quality, user oriented, and scalable.