NAB 2009 Press Preview

NAB 2009 Press Preview

Playout Broadcasting playbox video server

At NAB 2009 PlayBox Technology, now powering over 6500 SD, HD and DVB TV channels worldwide, is showcasing its expanding range of playout capabilities. New at the show are PlayBox Metus media asset management and NewsAir – both complementing PlayBox playout to deliver greater standalone or integrated capabilities for general playout and news applications. NAB is also the place to see the new ‘FoxBox’, the remote automated playout solution that can be cost-effectively deployed virtually anywhere there’s an audience, to provide a local-look station.

PlayBox Metus MAM scales to be the heart of a small TV station or of a large broadcast centre, anywhere MAM is needed to organize and manage assets. It can be standalone or fully integrated with PlayBox ingest, playout and branding systems for all uses from production, post and transmission playout.

The pioneering NewsAir news system is available from PlayBox Technology, offering the benefits of both performance and a new level of cost-effectiveness for news production. NewsAir can operate either separately or integrated with video facilities. It is also the perfect complement to PlayBox playout solutions to provide a complete modern broadcast news operating environment at a new price point.

The new PlayBox ‘FoxBox’ automated remote playout solution, developed in conjunction with Fox International Channels Italy, enables the full operation and monitoring of distant broadcast playout using only the public internet as the link for content delivery and control. System details can be adjusted to fit customer requirements but single and multi-channel operation and full equipment redundancy are available. Rather than offering only unbranded generic feeds, the FoxBox remote solution can output fully branded content including local commercials and idents, as well as subtitles and local graphics, as required – all delivered to the playout equipment via public internet. This allows low-cost worldwide ‘local-look’ broadcasting to anywhere from a central broadcasting centre, or anywhere.