DataBox Neo

All-in-one content management. The universal metadata description tool. From archives to run-time copy, from types and categories to genres, from credits to links, DataBox Neo maintains total content order through sophisticated set of searching and classification parameters.

DataBox Neo is a highly integrated SQL-based database for media & content management, allowing instant access to more than 20,000 records simultaneously. Content is classified by many aspects such as type, category, genres, keywords, credits, media, etc. All PlayBox Technology modules obtain information about visual content from DataBox Neo. This enables many tasks such as logo overlay, archiving/retrieving data, building/conforming on-air playlists, etc., to be simplified or completely automated. Content can be easily searched through by dedicated multi-profile search, as well as by an intuitive multi-criteria filtering system.

For price inquiries, please contact your local PlayBox Technology office.