Disaster Recovery

The Challenge - How do you protect yourself from the loss of revenue, loss of viewers, and disruptions to your workflow in the face of a true disaster? The Answer – PlayBox Technology.

PlayBox Technology provides Disaster Recovery solutions for every scale project. Whether you are considering a small playback system at your transmitter, utilizing a current facility for dual use of broadcast and Disaster Recovery, or need to build a fully mirrored DR Center, PlayBox Technology has a solution that is proven, powerful, and cost effective.


PlayBox Technology provides a complete solution. When you build your Disaster Recovery around the PlayBox Technology platform, you can replicate every key aspect of your broadcast facility. Playback, Graphics, Playlists, Databases, Quality Control, Monitoring and Notification and your Complete Workflow can be preserved. All in a platform that has proven its reliability in many thousands of channels worldwide.

The PlayBox Technology Difference

PlayBox Technology offers a system that is complete, yet modular. Build the level of Disaster Recovery you want, when you want it, and expand it later. The quality is the same as our on-air playout systems trusted in over 17,500 playout and branding channels worldwide.

Want to know more?

Each Disaster Recovery project is unique. Contact PlayBox Technology at sales@playboxtechnology.com and let’s talk about yours.