PlayBox Technology Releases New Version of QCBox

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

QCBox – The Right Quality Control Engine that checks your media against the Actual Playout Engine.

Current Features:
•    Verification for issues on a File System level (checksum, media streams decoding etc.)
•    Missing Media Samples (issues with the time stamping in Video/Audio streams of the media)
•    Loudness measurement (Program Loudness, Loudness Range, True-Peak) - ITU R BS 1770-1
•    Frozen Video Frame detection (no moving pixels for predefined time)
•    Color Frame Detection (Solid Color in different color Spaces [RGB/YUV] for predefined time)

New Features:
•    Implementation of Loudness measuring according to ITU R BS 1770-3
•    Test check if Loudness correction can be achieved to the target level (ex. - 23LKFS)
•    Improvements in the Test log Presentation and Better Displaying of Issues with media files
•    Improved in application Help System for easy references