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Sunday, November 4, 2012

What’s new - AirBox

  • Multi Parallel Outputs (MPO) – enables different video formats (SD, HD) and different outputs (SDI, analogue, IP streaming, etc.) to run at the same time from a single AirBox playout server
  • Improved playlist handling and enhanced API playlist command set
  • Enhanced Unicode character support
  • 3D “Side By Side” Subtitling generated from SubtitleBox over pre- rendered 3D“Side by Side” video files.
  • SDI Preview output from Clip Trimmer
  • TV rating / parental guidance support
  • Audio normalization for files with AC3 audio (When Dolby Option is installed)
  • Extended admin/user password rights management, Local and via API

What’s new – TitleBox

  • Implemented Advanced Scripting Engine which offers simple and powerful management of TitleBox objects and templates using Java, C#, Basic or Pascal in either a scheduled or live environment. The Advanced Script Engine is an extended feature in TitleBox, which not only gives you the opportunity to write program scripts for all the  tasks that can be done in TitleBox by writing a code for them but it also allows you to make your projects even more functional and user friendly.
  • Implemented TitleBox AsRun log
  • Implemented TitleBox Help system
  • Enhanced Unicode character support
  • Extended API functionalities

What’s new – TrafficBox

  • Search improvement
  • Two video administration view modes (full/compact)
  • Alphabetical ordering of records in video administration window
  • Improvement in dummy clips handling
  • Possibility to copy/paste a record's metadata, for easier describing of serials