MVTV on-air with PlayBox Technology

Thursday, May 22, 2008

MVTV, Bangkok, has been on-air for nearly four years with PlayBox Technology
Designed by PlayBox the MVTV Bangkok workflow includes a full complement of PlayBox Technology solutions for 24/7 high quality playout of MVTV’s five channels. The channels are broadcast via satellite and cable in Thailand and the surrounding countries. The six AirBox servers installed at MVTV provide fully automated playout with fixed scheduling loaded on AirBox weeks ahead of broadcast and there is 6TB RAID5 protected storage for the media content. There is also the option of making last minute schedule changes an edits while on air that is very useful for censorship and fast reaction cuts during live shows. The AirBox modules are tightly integrated with the two TitleBox modules allowing the manipulation of graphic objects, templates that can be fully automated from the AirBox.
About MV Television, Thailand
MVTV is Local Cable TV Station in Thailand that provide 5 channels called MIC , Variety Channel , Hit Station, H+ channel and Star Channel for Satellite and local cable TV. For Broadband Hi-speed Internet MVTV has MIC , Variety Channel and Hit Station on There are more than 800,00 satellite viewers of the MV Television in Thailand and viewers can receive Satellite in more than 20 countries in Asia. The local cable operator reach more than 2,855,300 households.