Cazavision runs with PlayBox servers

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cazavision (, based in Madrid, is the only Spanish TV channel that is dedicated to hunting topics. It provides round-the-clock transmission and has over 360 hours of new content every year. Infinia, a company that makes its full broadcast and post production services available for rent, provides Cazavision’s transmission facilities.

PlayBox Technology has supplied equipment for Infinia to provide the playout facilities needed to support Cazavision’s on-air replay and graphics.The system integration has been done by Broad Service Technical Support, S.L. The station operates in standard definition and the equipment includes a CaptureBox ingest server, an AirBox playout server, 8TB of NAS storage, TitleBox operating in key-and-fill mode, TitleBox Preparation and SafeBox (x2).

The media workflow starts with new material being input in two ways. CaptureBox is used to ingest video and audio from VTRs or other replay devices. The second route accepts material from the station’s Final Cut Pro edit stations with the edited clips transferred to the NAS storage as .mov files and four .wav audio files – the station’s on-air format. The output includes multilingual audio comprising two channels for Spanish and two Portuguese.

The media can then be included in the station’s playlists which are sent to the AirBox. The SafeBox automatically ensures that the media files required by the playlist arrive in the AirBox’s store in good time before they are required for transmission. This involves moving files from CaptureBox to the NAS, and from the NAS on to the AirBox. AirBox automation also controls the on-air running of TitleBox graphics insertions.

Cazavision went on-air on 01 October, 2009