RCS International running multi-channel SD/HD PlayBox platforms

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

RCS - Digi Sport is now running multi-channel SD/HD platforms in three countries: Romania, Hungary and Slovakia – all powered by PlayBox Technology.

The first installation was in Romania, where three sports channels, two HD music channels and two HD movie channels have been launched. The sports channels (Digi Sport RO , Digi Sport Plus, Digi Sport HD) are running from three standalone PlayBox playout servers and three PlayBox Titlebox CG systems. All the content and playlists are distributed across the network via PlayBox SafeBox.

The HD music channels are run by two standalone PlayBox playout servers in a 1+1 fully-redundant mode. In addition, two PlayBox TitleBox CG graphic systems are providing automatic graphic insertion over clips. All the content loaded from the one PlayBox CaptureBox ingest server is stored on the shared 8TB storage that is linked to PlayBox MAM. The MAM manages and organizes media files located on the platforms or storage devices in the network, analyses them, retrieves and edits the metadata, creates sub-items and securely archives them. For local operation, five PlayBox MAM Library Clients ensure the delivery of the right content to the playout stations browses the files and archives them. The projects are shared for online users in remote locations using the MAM Library Web server.

The HD movie channels (Digi Film 1, Digi Film 2) are run by three standalone Playbox playout servers using N:M automatic redundancy and two PlayBox TitleBox CG systems. The content is primarily available via satellite feeds and is ingested by two PlayBox CaptureBox servers. All the content and playlists are stored on an 8TB NAS server and then distributed across the network via PlayBox SafeBox. SubtitlePlus, combined with AirBox SubtitleBox, offers the automatic display of subtitles over the video files.

In Hungary (Digi Sport HU) and Slovakia (Digi Sport SK), PlayBox has installed two HD sport channels working in the same set-up. Four PlayBox AirBox playout servers operate with the production studio and MCR in 1+1 configuration for back up. Two PlayBox TitleBox CG systems provide the graphics output and insertion, and three PlayBox CaptureBox ingest servers take care of incoming satellite feeds.