GO grows with PlayBox Technology

Thursday, October 27, 2011

PlayBox Technology has played a major part in the expansion of Go tv, Malta’s leading quad-play communications provider. This has involved upgrading the sports playout facility as well as providing equipment for a new information channel and a movie channel.

PlayBox Technology has provided 20 CaptureBox ingest stations (8 SD and 12 HD), 11 TiltleBox graphics servers and 11 AirBox playout servers as well as two 40 TByte NAS shared stores, a 128x128 video router and a transcoder. These are used to run eight new sports channels and the information and movie channels. AirBox is able to provide the automation to control playout as well as running ingest and on-air graphics.

The sports channels are showing exclusive transmissions of the English Premier League and Italian Serie A. The equipment includes a new HD-ready playout system based on AirBox and TitleBox, which allows the playout of up to six simultaneous live feeds, while being able to receive and record a further four feeds for delayed playback. In this way viewers can benefit from time-shifts to see complete matches, even when they overlap.

The state-of-the-art Information Channel delivers real-time information to its subscribers ranging from weather to travel and finance as well as breaking news, promotional video content and other informative content. This is set up in a fully redundant configuration with two AirBox and TitleBox combinations operating as master and backup.

Referring to the television service, David Kay, GO’s CEO said: “GO is committed to provide customers with the best level of quality digital TV service – offered through its DTTV platform – both in terms of content as well as service provision. All English and Italian sports enthusiasts can watch their favourite games and matches to their hearts’ delight thanks to GO sports.”

Other facilities include a preparation station with ListBox for offline programme scheduling, DataBox content management and TitleBox for graphics. In addition the system is designed to allow the seamless expansion of the number of channels and facilities, as needs arise.