TitleBox Wins Keno in Sweden

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Svenska Spel (Swedish Gaming) is a Swedish gaming company that also runs the Swedish national lottery with a presence on TV and on-line that both offer further gaming opportunities. When SvenskaS pel wanted to add a new keno to the TV line-up, Motion Media Producer, Magnus Helander turned to PlayBox Technology to provide a fully automated solution.

Keno draws 20 numbers out of a pool of 70. A machine randomly selects one numbered ball at a time and Svenska Spel wanted the number of each to be shown on-screen as it is chosen. The on-screen presentation shows each selected number highlighted on a 10 x 7 -ball scorecard, as well as being announced in the audio. The national daily on-air Keno show is hosted and runs for three minutes as a near live broadcast.

Helander had little time to complete the technical requirements for the Keno broadcast graphics project. Just 20 days before the new show was to start, he approached PlayBox Technology to work out, design and implement a practical working solution for the graphics and audio.

PlayBox Technology R&D built a custom application for TitleBox to meet the requirements of the Keno presentation. Helander reports, "I asked if it could be ready in 14 days. They said 'yes it could'. And they did. They were very good; truly professional, met the deadline, did a fantastic job and were excellent in every way. It's been like that with PlayBox from the beginning with 24/7 support, updates and upgrades. It's just a stress-free effortless relationship for us."

The 'Keno' application taps the power of the TitleBox graphics and interactive CG server by augmenting its control to provide a results-driven fully automated live video and audio presentation. However, the application has been produced in such a way that also allows Svenska Spel to update the project, altering the style of presentation and showing a newly designed look and sound for the results, or other programmes, as and when required. A second TitleBox also runs the custom application and is available as a backup, but is mainly used for other broadcast operations.

PlayBox Technology is an established supplier to Svenska Spel with AirBox playout, CaptureBox ingest/recording and TitleBox graphics all being a part of the station's all HD, file-based workflow.

The Keno show must, as Helander points out, be correct. "With prizes up to30 million Swedish kronor (3.2 million euros), there is absolutely no room for error. We have only a few minutes to triple check the numbers, add the graphics, music and put it together with the pre-recorded host footage before going on air.

"PlayBox Technology provides solid performance and reliability for our studio infrastructure. As a solutions provider they are proactive,professional and deliver on the highest standards. We are looking forward to continued working with PlayBox in implementing a Media Management system during next year."

Headquartered on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, Svenska Spel is wholly owned by the Swedish State and is the only licensed operator for the National Lottery in Sweden, as well as operating sports betting, games,poker and five casinos around the country. It is the largest gaming operator in Sweden with a net market share of 53 percent. Svenska Spel arranges gaming and lotteries on licence from the government to meet consumer interest in having a reliable alternative to illegal gaming operations. It also strives to provide a broad service in both urban and rural areas.