PlayBox Technology Revamps Nakhchivan TV in Azerbaijan

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is a landlocked exclave of Azerbaijan. The region borders Armenia, Iran and Turkey with Nakhchivan its capital. It is believed that Noah’s ark, probably the height of technology at the time, landed there and now, several thousand years later, PlayBox Technology arrived there too.

In the capital, Nakhchivan City, Nakhchivan Government TV (NTV) has been updated, expanded and integrated with its existing studios. As a part of the project NTV has moved to tapeless operation with the now installed PlayBox Technology workflow. Equipment includes AirBox playout servers, SafeBox media managers, TitleBox on-air graphics and CG as well as ListBoxes for playlist preparation. There is also PlayBox MAM system that is integrated as a part of the PlayBox Technology solution. The complete solution is now up, running and on-air.

PlayBox Technology has totally revamped Nakhchivan TV in Azerbaijan and transformed their Analogue SD operation into a complete tapeless HD workflow with full automation. The challenge was to kick start the TV channel in full HD by providing a robust system that was easy to operate and yet complex enough to provide the workflow needed. PlayBox Technology met and exceeded the challenge proving a complete solution that not only exceeded the requirements but was liked by the operational staff and management.

The project involved two studios, one with four cameras, the other with two, and one master control equipped with Sony XDCAM tapeless cameras and switchers, plus 10 tapeless ENG cameras, and one radio studio.

The PlayBox Technology equipment, all full HD, comprised:
• 2x AirBox playout and 1x CaptureBox ingest redundant servers for Master Control
• 1x AirBox playout and 1x CaptureBox ingest server for studio
• 2x TitleBox graphics servers, for Master Control and studio
• 2x AirBox ingest servers for satellite feeds and VTR
• 1x CaptureBox Compliance ingest
• PlayBox MAM system with 20+20 TB mirrored online redundancy, with 10 clients and tape backup
• 5x EDIUS NLEs.

The workflow is fully integrated. NLE users can browse and edit directly from the MAM. Archive and scheduling operators can add, retrieve and search the archive from their desktop clients. Each asset added to the system has two identical copies created by PlayBox, one goes to each file server so that the archive has mirrored redundancy.

Playlists can be run on the AirBoxes. Alternatively they can be controlled from Metus desktop clients, still with the ability to make last-minute changes to the running order, if required, by using PlayBox MAM’s remote control of AirBox.

The project was sold by SINERJI, PlayBox Technology’s partner for the Azeri region. PlayBox Technology Turkey handled the installation and commissioning of the system, together with all video and audio equipment.