Africast 2012, Nigeria

PlayBox Technology and C2S at Africast 2012
Stand 48/49
Tuesday 23th October - Thursday 25th October 2012
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NOW 12,000 Playout and Branding Systems Worldwide
AirBox - provides automated content playout for satellite channels, cable head-ends, over-the-air broadcasters and corporate TV users. It is designed to be extremely robust, in order to meet the highest reliability demands of on-air playout. Due to its unique modular architecture it is also suitable for webcasters, hotel Pay TV channels, corporate presentations, video wall sourcing and other program distribution systems. At a fraction of the price of any digital videotape player, a single AirBox server offers the same visual quality at its single or multi-channel SDI outputs, multi-language audio, graphics and subtitle insertion, last-minute playlist changes and clip editing.
TitleBox - is an interactive graphics manager which creates, displays and controls fascinating multi-zone screens with rolls, crawls, animations, clocks, station logos, 3D objects and more. It is suitable for broadcast and cable TV channels, digital signage applications and hospitality channels of hotels, schools, corporations, retail businesses, shopping malls, churches, airports, holiday resorts, theme parks, etc.
EdgeBox - Fully Redundant Automatic Remote Playout Anywhere in the World via Internet that makes delivering a TV station, complete with local branding and content, to anywhere in the world an economic reality, even for small audiences. EdgeBox enables the whole operation to be run from an established broadcast centre, at a cost that makes sense.
AdBox - Enables content owners to maximise their business potential by targeting advertisements for specific audiences with ad insertion and Digital Programme Insertion (DPI) in both SD and HD, in either SDI or DVB (ASI/IP).
NewsAir - A PlayBox Technology complete News Room solution with multi user collaborative environment, that manages all types of media such as live or recorded news video content, text, live info feeds from news agencies, CGs etc. NewsAir is fully integrated with most popular NLEs like Apple FCP, Adobe, etc. and creates the news rundown schedules for today`s fast changing news presentation.
PlayBox MAM - The PlayBox Technology Media Asset Management (MAM) system now supports a variety of new file formats. These include DVCPRO100 HD, Microsoft Smooth Stream (and DRM option for it), containers like GXF, Export/Import of XML files based on script templates. Further there are enhancements in MFX files handling (like Op1b). The combination of these allows easier and more efficient use of PlayBox MAM.
TrafficBox - Traffic Management that is targeted at broadcasters who need TV business management solutions that include all the features needed for programme planning, advertising sales and long-term playlists scheduling.TrafficBox also enables the preparation of the physical material that is presented on-air: the video, audio, text, graphics and subtitles.
TimeShiftBox - Now available in HD. It is the complete global one-box time-shift solution for providing +1 channels with accurate programme time delays from a minute to a week or more. TimeShiftBox offers logo insertion and optional TitleBox that provides full interactive CG and graphics.
ABOUT PlayBox Technology

PlayBox Technology is an international communications and information-technology company serving the broadcast and corporate markets in more than 120 countries. It is dedicated to the research, design, development and provision of the best products, systems, solutions and services. With over 12,000+ TV and branding channels powered by PlayBox Technology the chances are you will have experienced our broadcast solutions for yourself. Users cover a wide range of today's broadcast activities and include start-up TV channels, webcasters, DVB (IP/ASI) TV channels, interactive TV and music channels, film channels, remote TV channels and disaster recovery channels as well as satellite, local, regional, national and international broadcasters.