PlayBox Technology New Product for NAB 2012 - Multi Playout Manager

Thursday, March 29, 2012


At NAB 2012 PlayBox Technology will launch a new product called Multi Playout Manager (MPM). MPM is a fully assignable monitoring and control system with rights management for multiple AirBox channels from one or more internet-connected PC’s either connected locally or from anywhere in the world via IP.

MPM is a networked workflow solution created for multi-channel playout centers to monitor and control all channels locally and assign full or restricted rights for any of the TV channels to one or more people to remotely monitor and/or control the TV channels from a remote PC, iPad, Mobile Phone etc.

MPM allows multiple operators with sufficient rights to monitor and control one or multiple channels schedules, programmes, view media files etc. and to even make live changes to the output when needed. MPM can be used in a simple or complex network infrastructure complete with full redundant operation if required.

With optional AlarmBox installed, monitoring and running TV Channels is as simple as it gets. By choosing the settings corresponding to each channel’s needs, AlarmBox can provide a wide range of possibilities for the automated distribution of error messages and deliver fully automated alarm messaging wherever needed by e-mail, telephone, cell phone etc. that can also be monitored by SNMP. If any error messages are received, the MPM operator can login from anywhere with an internet connection and to monitor and operate any TV Channel.