AIT Celebrates 21st Anniversary With PlayBox Technology AirBox Neo

Monday, July 10, 2017

Africa Independent Television (AIT), one of Nigeria's most popular and successful television channels, has chosen AirBox Neo from PlayBox Technology as the playout system for its UK division which operates from studios in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. A complete solution incorporating the latest Neo versions of AirBox, TitleBox, SafeBox and ListBox will be provided.

"The network celebrates its 21st anniversary this year which marks an ideal time to be investing in the finest available playout facilities," says AIT's Director of UK Operations Mutairu Jibril. "The AirBox product family has an excellent reputation for reliability, operational flexibility and ease of use, "says AIT's technical advisor Mutairu Jibrail. "The Neo series is also highly future proof, empowering us to handle standard-definition, high-definition and ultra-high-definition content in a single server. PlayBox Technology is also very highly regarded throughout the broadcast industry for the strength and efficiency of its post-sale support which is an important element for the guys on the front line."

"African broadcasters were among the first to recognise the operational and economic advantages of file-based playout from digital disk servers," adds PlayBox Technology president Don Ash. "That has helped to make AirBox and aspirational product worldwide. AIT has earned an excellent reputation for production quality and especially for the depth and impartiality of its news reporting. It is a very welcome addition to the many thousands of AirBox Neo users around the globe."

Designed for 24/7 unattended operation, AirBox Neo can be operated under full pre-scheduled automation while retaining the flexibility of allowing manual over-ride including the ability to handle live-to-air throughput. UHD, HD and SD content can be played out from single server. Recently added features include a streaming input supporting HTTP, HTTP Secure, UDP, RTMP, MMS, MMSH and YouTube. An integral virtual output allows easy web streaming and supporting multiple instances. Third-party product support has been extended to Ross NK series routers and the Horita TR-100 timecode reader. Timecode can now be applied to MOV files. Multiple DeckLink cards can now be used for multi-channel ad insertion. Enhancements have also been made to the clip trimmer and audio level control.

Owned by Abuja-based DAAR Communications (, AIT is transmitted as a digital terrestrial channel throughout Nigeria. It is also available via direct-to-home satellite in many areas of Africa, Europe and North America. In Britain and Ireland it is available free-to-air on the Sky platform. AIT provides a fresh slant to television broadcasting with a unique programming theme that shares the African experience with the global community.