PlayBox Technology AirBox Neo and CloudAir highlighted in report by TV Technology

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

PlayBox Technology AirBox Neo and CloudAir have received highlight coverage from TV Technology, a leading broadcast industry publication based in the USA. Contributor Claudia Kienzle reports in her November 25 article 'Playout: Breaking Out of the Box (Now it's Channel in the Cloud):

'As the industry moves rapidly towards pure software-based integrated channel playout systems, the term channel-in-a-box may now need to be replaced with channel-in-a-cloud.'

'PlayBox Technology recently debuted AirBox Neo which offers greater channel playout and branding functionality and the ability to integrate easily with 4K UHD environments. AirBox Neo is a family of modules that can be configured as a channel-in-a-box, based on enterprise-class servers. It enables quicker setup, smaller footprint, and faster ROI.'

'According to Van Duke, USA Sales Manager for PlayBox Technology, USA, based in West Palm Beach, Florida, “We are now seeing a new industry trend — growing interest in cloud-based deployments.” PlayBox Technology also offers CloudAir which is structured as a software-as-a-service solution enabling playout, branding, back-up and disaster-recovery via the cloud. "With CloudAir," Duke said, “we are reducing the time it takes to put a new live 24/7 channel on the air from months or weeks down to just a matter of hours.” '


The complete report can be seen at: