PlayBox Technology at IBC2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Latest Developments for IBC2014

CaptureBox PRO

•    Four independent ingest channels in a single server
•    All 4 instances in a single screen for easy monitoring and control
•    Metadata Creation and Editing during capture
•    New Streamlined User Interface Design


•    Four independent players in a single server
•    2K/ 4K SDI Output
•    Enhanced playlist handling  and End of Clip Actions
•    Remote Client application – control one server from multiple locations
•    GPI / VDCP / MOS control
•    Built in Multi-viewer

TimeShiftBox DUO

•    Multiple HD/SD channels in one server
•    Cost effective, reliable time shift and logo insertion
•    Full TitleBox CG and interactive graphics available


•    AJA Corvid Video cards support
•    GPU Enhanced Graphics Mixing Engine
•    Rotation of Video
•    Z-Order definition
•    Animated Logo
•    Dolby E and Dolby Digital Plus support


•    Sub-blocks - nested blocks for easy Ad placement and management
•    Validation Rules for checking against pre-defined media usage rules
•    Custom properties of playlist items
•    Schedule view customization
•    Automated gap-filling based on block category
•    Improved Schedule/Template view


•    Direct Control of  TitleBox CG engine for On Air presentation