Latest Technology News, April 2017

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

CloudAir - Next Generation Ecosystem for IP Channel Playout.


  • New Transcoder to support multiple containers and formats (MPG PS/TS, MXF, QT, AVI, MP4, GXF, MPG2, H.264, ProRes, DNX HD, MJPEG, ect.)
  • New optimized User Interface in Graphics Editor - template preparation tool
  • New Playlist editor’s Weekly & Monthly View and Secondary Events  placements
  • PlayList Export to CSV and EPG formats
  • Auto link of assets and storages
  • Media asset workflows enhancement
  • Playlist editor features: copy/paste, find/replace, undo/redo,playlist history

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PlayBox Neo TS Time Delay

  • Compressed DVB/ATSC TS Stream Delay
  • Transparent to data - doesn't change any bits in the data
  • Web-based User interface
  • Program Information display
  • Error logging
  • Single source stream to multiple outputs (zones) with user definable delay
  • One zero delay output per each input
  • SPTS or MPTS delay, starting from 15sec up to days (depends on the storage and input bitrate)
  • UDP/RTP Input / Output, unicast or mutlicast via standard
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Up to 10 outputs per server

AirBox Neo

  • Ingest Control Plug-in for CaptureBox Neo
  • SDT support on streaming output
  • Support for HEVC IP Streaming output
  • SCTE-104 data generator via SDI output
  • SCTE-104 data receiver via SDI input
  • SCTE-35 data generator on AirBox Neo IP Streaming Output
  • Support for Closed Captions from MXF files
  • Support for Closed Captions from MCC v.2 file format
  • New streaming input supporting HTTP(S), UDP, RTMP, MMS(H), YouTube
  • Support for CC-Kor closed captions

ProductionAirBox Neo

  • ENPS NRCS  integration via MOS Gateway
  • ROSS Inception NRCS integration via  MOS Gateway
  • miraNEWS NRCS integration via MOS Gateway
  • Fill & Key Playout using single channel
  • Playback of Alpha channel files works with single file, so you don’t have to render separate fill and key files

TitleBox Neo

  • NewTek TriCaster™ NDI protocol implementation for integration with TriCaster™ and all NDI-enabled devices
  • New low level API plugin in TitleBox Neo for DeckLink cards

SocialMediaBox Neo

  • New Facebook API implementation
  • Possibility to re-use Archived feed(s)
  • Display of the comments (likes) for each post