Sea TV Network Builds Two Channels With PlayBox Technology

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

PlayBox Technology recently provided the right solutions to Sea News and Sea Jinvani Channels – both part of Sea TV Network.

PlayBox Technology delivered a complete end-to-end News Room automation solution at Sea News TV at Agra, the Taj Mahal City, India. The solution includes four AirBox, two CaptureBox, and two TitleBox servers. An additional SafeBox storage server was added for automated media management. News Air, with a license for 25 users for full news preparation freedom, and TitleBox DashBoard were also installed.

The complete setup provides a streamlined workflow and faster playout of breaking news elements and faster last minute control over feeds. Complete bulletin playlists are made within NewsAir while the associated video files are moved to the designated AirBox servers in the PCR. Titles with Breaking News elements are pushed to TitleBox projects and anchor feeds are pushed to designated Teleprompters. The entire process happens simultaneously, assuring a seamless playout with graphics and anchor feeds - exactly what a News Channel needs.

The entire news system was supplied, installed and commissioned with on-site training by PlayBox Technology India in less than three weeks. Despite the short timeline, PlayBox Technology training helped the Sea News TV team got very comfortable with the new technology and today they are satisfied with how user friendly the solutions are.

Sea Jinvani is the second channel built around PlayBox Technology solutions. Two AirBox/TitleBox Servers for playout with CG and graphics, and a CaptureBox server for ingest were supplied. Daily playlists are prepared within ListBox while SafeBox transfers the files from the designated storage path to the respective playout server where the content is played automatically. Both servers run in 1+1 for maximum security.