PlayBox Technology Strenghtens Sales & Business Development in UK

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

PlayBox Technology announces a major expansion to its UK sales management team with the appointment of Phillip Neighbour and Maurice de Jonghe. Based at the company's premises in Hatfield, they will work alongside Alan Bunting who joined PlayBox Technology in July 2013 from Ross Video where he was Regional Sales Manager for Western Europe.

“Phillip, Alan and Maurice have a wealth of experience as senior executives with strong credentials in both the media and technology sectors," comments Don Ash, PlayBox Technology, Managing Partner, Director, Sales. “Their responsibilities will be to develop and implement customer engagement plans, focus on business development, and manage various strategic market sectors."

"All three are excellent team players with direct experience of the EMEA market at its widest as well as a good understanding of our role in promoting high-efficiency channel-in-a-box content preparation and playout systems," adds Ben Gunkel, Sales Director. "Phillip will focus on expanding our business in EMEA. Alan will focus on dealer sales growth and Maurice's primary objective will be to build on our existing success in Africa."

Phillip Neighbour joined Thomson in 2002 from Philips Electronics, as part of the acquisition and merger of Grass Valley Group, Philips Digital Video Systems and Thomson Broadcast. During his tenure at Thomson/Grass Valley, he rose to become Managing Director of Grass Valley.

"The broadcast industry has come a long way since it first began the migration from panel-per-product hardware to application-based systems running on high-grade PC platforms," says Phillip Neighbour adds. "PlayBox Technology CIAB systems are used by many of the world's largest multi-national broadcasters as well as an enormous number of regional channels. CIAB is the ideal solution in today's rapidly expanding market."

Maurice de Jonghe has held a number of worldwide senior management roles, having previously worked at Claratech, Drake Electronics, Vistek and Snell.

"PlayBox Technology is by far the best known producer of channel-in-a-box content preparation and playout systems, with a uniquely large number of systems operating around the world," Maurice de Jonghe comments. "My objective will be to increase awareness of the advantages these solutions offer both to new channels and established broadcasters in terms of efficiency, reliability and expandability."

"PlayBox Technology produces modular CIAB hardware and fully integrated software which are flexible to configure, highly reliable, easy to operate and very affordable," states Alan Bunting. "It is the ideal system both for established broadcasters looking to expand their existing systems and for first-time broadcasters starting new satellite, terrestrial or online channels."