PlayBox Technology Open Day in the Philippines

Thursday, May 31, 2012

PlayBox Technology, together with its Philippines partner Solid Video Corporation, organized an open day in Pasig City, on 8 May. The event was very successful with over 90 people attending the event. Broadcasters from several different TV stations were amazed by the versatility of the PlayBox Technology solutions. Representatives from not only broadcasters but universities, production houses, content providers, houses of worship and the government were also impressed.

The presentation of all PlayBox Technology solutions started with content acquisition, using CaptureBox, followed by managing the ingested materials with MAM and then creating a playlist for AirBox and TitleBox server for the playout of the channel complete with branding.

The concept of a Channel-in-a-Box and its benefits, compared with the traditional automation systems involving the use of many servers and associated equipment, was explained. KC Lee, Regional Sales Manager, PlayBox Technology, Asia Pacific, states: With Channel-in-a-Box we can easily scale down to a minimum size of equipment while still achieving the important functions such as playout, channel branding, open and closed captioning playout, content management, live video input, etc. at a fraction of the price.

The last part of the event was hands-on and attendees were invited to test the system and to realize for themselves just how easy the solutions are to use.