PlayBox Technology Launches "Multi-Channel-in-a-Box" Solutions at NAB 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

London, 24 March 2011 – PlayBox Technology, the #1 international ‘TV channel in a box’ manufacturer with over 9,500 playout and branding channels worldwide, is presenting its new "Multi-Channel-in-a-Box" capability at NAB 2011 – powering multiple channels within one box. PlayBox Technology’s cornerstone playout, CG & graphics and ingest servers are to be available in multichannel, single-box configurations, as well as offering an enhanced range of capabilities.

Unlike the many existing multi-box multichannel installations, PlayBox Technology’s new “Multi-Channel-in-a-Box” solution allows running many channels per box by simply using the latest advances in IT COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) hardware. This is in line with the company’s policy of using the latest technology achievements to offer the best value for money for broadcasters, while also reducing overheads including power and real estate.

Multichannel configurations have been applied to three products; AirBox fully automated playout servers, CaptureBox ingest servers and TitleBox interactive CG & graphics servers. These can accept or deliver up to four channels of SD or two channels of HD video and audio within a one-box package.

“The launch of "Multi-Channel in a Box" capability is a critical milestone in meeting the broadcast industry’s requirements in many markets around the world”, said Pavlin Rahnev, Director, Solution Sales. “Running multiple channels on a proven platform further expands our ability to bring greater cost effectiveness to our customers in an integrated and scalable platform. This will result in better efficiency while maintaining our high reliability.”