PlayBox Technology Increases Presence in Turkey

Friday, February 10, 2012

PlayBox Technology presented its latest solutions and developments to a wide group of broadcasters at an open day event at the beginning of November. Those attending included professionals from various TV channels who were pleased to learn about the new business opportunities presented by the PlayBox Technology team. These included new opportunities for sales not only inside, but also outside, Turkey and the best possible customer service, provided straight from the HQ.
The event started with a presentation by Plamen Georgiev, CTO of PlayBox Technology. He explained the Channel-in-a-Box concept and spoke about the new services the company provides, such as system integration, project development and so on.
The new line of Web-based products including Multi Playout Manager (MPM) and ScheduleBox was also presented. MPM is a server application that allows central remote control and monitoring of AirBox playout servers. It provides several levels of access and control including Preview Stream to monitor the output and playlist editing. All this operates in a Web browser connected to a local network or the Internet – offering control from anywhere.
ScheduleBox is a Web-based client/server solution for the easy creation and management of up-coming schedules. The customisable Web interface offers support for daily, weekly and monthly templates and is designed for single- and multi-channel TV.