PlayBox Technology Hits The Big Time at NAB 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NAB in Las Vegas was a very busy show for PlayBox Technology. The booth was usually overcrowded with broadcasters from around the world. Why? Because they were looking for exactly what the company has to offer: cost-effective ways to quickly establish broadcast playout capability. As economies are still only slowly recovering and many broadcasters continue to have only limited budgets, many are turning to integrated EdgeBox and Channel-in-a-Box solutions from PlayBox Technology. These offer lower purchase price, typically require only a single operator to run the entire operation, and work out of the box. A playout system can be up and running in a matter of hours with reliability that means it will still be on-air for many years to come.

Demonstrations of workflow solutions included the very popular ‘Fully Redundant Automatic Remote Playout Anywhere in the World via Internet’ called – EdgeBox, and the stalwart MCR-in-a-Box or Channel-in-a-Box powered by AirBox, TitleBox and CaptureBox that has the server, automation and powerful interactive CG and graphics all in one box. Also EdgeBox offers a ‘cloud broadcasting’ workflow that makes delivering a TV channel, complete with local branding and content, including subtitles and multiple languages, to anywhere in the world, an economic reality – even for small audiences. EdgeBox enables the whole operation to be run from an established broadcast centre, at a cost that makes sense.

Besides seeking lower cost solutions, the big theme running through the show was ‘making workflows work’ – with ‘workflows’ meaning ‘file-based workflows’. Company CEO Vassil Lefterov points out, “This is what the company has been doing since its inception. As a result the ability to integrate with, and extend, existing file-based workflows is proving to be a big plus for the company and, although IT-based platforms were the ‘oddballs’ a decade ago, now they are the place to be. So the market is coming to PlayBox Technology.”

Kenny Parayo, Country Manager, PlayBox Technology USA says, “We were really busy with customers who were seriously interested in our playout solutions. Being low cost and file-based, as well as now being much better known in the USA, were all factors. There were also tangible results with two large contracts concluded at the show, and two more that are set for signing in the coming days.”

From PlayBox Technology UK, Sales Director Ben Gunkel reports that his time was crammed with customer meetings throughout the show – including many about EdgeBox. Also PlayBox Technology Marketing Manager, Peter Petrov, noted the good quality and quantity of visitors to the stand. “They had direct questions related to our technology as the products were well known to them.” He reported keen interest from Latin America, especially Brazil and Mexico. With the huge numbers crowding the stand Peter has booked a bigger space for 2012.