PlayBox Technology Announces a New Line of Products for IBC 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

In Recent Years using Web browser, Smart Devices or Mobile Phones became the most natural way to interface with applications, remote servers, and resources in the “Cloud”. Easy and Universal access to remote Playout Servers, Ingest Encoders, Content Management and Scheduling becomes more and more part of the daily routine for Broadcasters.

As part of its new Client/Server architecture, PlayBox Technology introduces a new Line of Web Based Products starting with Multi Playout Manager (MPM).

MPM is a server application that allows Centralized Remote Control and Monitoring of AirBox Playout Servers. Different levels of access and control, Preview Stream for output monitoring in the Browser, Playlist Editing, access on the local network or Via Internet from anywhere in the world – all that at your fingertips.

This Line of Products will enable number of business scenarios – from typical Master Control Room (MCR), Remote control and Monitoring of TV channels in different Geographical Location to Hosting of Playout servers in an Uplink Center and completely controlled by the Client with a Web Browser, Smartphone or Tablet.

Other Products from the same line to follow: Ingest Control, Quality Control Management, Advanced Program Scheduling and Advanced Content Management.