PlayBox Technology Accelerates to do More

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

PlayBox Technology, the #1 international channel-in-a-box manufacturer, continues its long history of innovation by successfully integrating its latest software with new hardware-accelerated technology. This provides greater reliability and performs tasks in software that used to require costly dedicated hardware.
By exploiting the opportunities of the latest-generation Intel Core CPUs, PlayBox Technology is able to make more extensive use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware – to do more while keeping to its traditional low prices. The combination of the new chipsets and video cards, fully integrated with PlayBox Technology software, offers a higher price-performance ratio. The results include simultaneous processes such as the encoding, decoding and resizing of several concurrent instances, all on the same server. This hardware acceleration translates into more channels per server and paves the way for additional features in future products.
Don Ash, Director, Sales, comments, “Harnessing the power of the Intel Core processors is a major step for both our customers and ourselves. It allows us to run many more live operations in software rather than hardware. It establishes a new flexible, very high-power low cost platform for our channel-in-a-box solutions that we can now build on to provide more for our customers. The first products are already available.”   
An early example is the new AirBox MPO (Multiple Parallel Outputs) that uses hardware-accelerated power to simultaneously scale and/or encode several video streams. It enables different video formats (SD, HD, 25fps, 30 fps) and different outputs (SDI, analogue, IP streaming, etc.) to run simultaneously from a single server. AirBox MPO can running two or more multiple outputs, providing parallel outputs to deliver any required combination of formats, such as HDSDI, SDI (in SD with realtime live rescaling) and IP streaming.
Further applications of hardware-accelerated technology include rending 3D objects in real time in TitleBox graphics, and the encoding of HD to H.264 without using external coders.