Perfect NAB For PlayBox Technology

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It’s easy to pick out just the highlights of a trade show and write a glowing report based on that, the icing on the cake. For PlayBox Technology NAB 2012 was not like that, the whole cake was great. Fantastic!

So what made the show so good? Everything, yes everything went very well. Simply put, Channel-in-a-Box was, or probably, the major theme at the show, with many companies offering their CIAB products... as if they knew all about it! The show clearly proved that PlayBox Technology had the best and most advanced product around. That was the basis of the NAB 2012 success.

Recognition – Previous years at NAB have been marked by people walking up to the stand and asking ‘Who is PlayBox?’ On the last day of the show Peter Petrov remarked, ‘This time no one asked ‘Who is PlayBox and what do they do’. Clearly our message has now got through to the US market! Peter also reports that everyone from existing customers to new faces all got the information they wanted. The stand worked and the PlayBox Technology people worked too.

Meetings and Demonstrations - with great foresight Peter ordered 50% more stand space than last year. This was almost enough. Peter has pictures of all five meeting tables and all five demo pods being occupied, and that happened a lot.
Numbers – after just two days the number of scanned badges considerably exceeded the total for NAB 2011. By the close of the fourth day it was double.

Competition – it is easy to say the competition is not up to our advanced technology and capabilities. Well, we would say they wouldn’t we! However, at NAB, the competition was kind enough to let us know we are really ahead of the game.

 It was Charles Caleb Colton who once observed “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. It is a sure sign of being ahead of the competition when they feel it’s necessary to spend their valuable exhibition time on your stand either to find holes in your product or trying to understand just what it is that you can offer that they cannot – or both. There were many such visitations during the show. Most left feeling worried. Some had been told that what we offered could not be done so, seeing that we could was demoralising for them. That so many spent time on are stand, some coming back several times, is proof that we are ahead and that Mr Colton was right. They would like to imitate us, and we should feel flattered!

Yes it truly was a fantastic show for PlayBox Technology . And, just to prove it, on the last day one established broadcaster swaggered up to the stand and asked if we had a ‘Dummies Guide to PlayBox.’ He made us all laugh but it is another sign of our growing presence in the USA. People want to know more about us and share what we do. That reflected the whole mood of the show. In the end we were tired but very, very happy. Great cake!