New from PlayBox Technology

Thursday, August 12, 2010
TitleBox 3D
Interactive 2D/3D on-air graphics. Delivers crisp and eye-catching on-air graphics. Multi-layered simultaneous crawls, rolls, animated logos, clocks and text templates are just a mouse click away. Now providing three types of 3D objects:
• 3D text: extruded text, rotation
• 3D static picture: rotation can be placed on simple 3D object like cube, sphere, etc.
• Import of 3D Studio MAX files (.X files): 3D scenes rendered in 3D Studio MAX and exported in .X file.  Both static or animated scenes are supported.
All new 3D objects are available only for TitleBox, running under Windows 7. A separate add-on option is required to be added to TitleBox 2D, to enable the 3D features.

AirBox for Windows 7

Additional features:
• Additional Playback Capabilities: DVC Pro 25, 50, 100; HDV; AC3-Audio; JPEG 2000; M-JPEG; H.263; H.264; VC1; MPEG-4; AMR-Audio; AAC-Audio; Uncompressed audio; MP3-Audio
• Simultaneous scaling (picture in a picture): Simultaneous scaling of both live input and playlist output. Useful feature for squeeze-back, PiP, PaP and Comming-Next channel-branding tasks.
• Multiple Live Video Sources (Requires Additional Video Input Boards)
Simultaneous output of "common" live plus additional playlist live source.
• Shared SDI live source can be used simultaneously from multiple AirBox instances, installed in one server.
• DTMF Generator Cue Tones generator for various outputs: Analog Audio, Embeded SDI Audio, Encoded Audio in MPEG-2 streams
• Multi-Channel Audio Support in Multi Format Playout Plugin
• Multi-audio control (reordering of the audio streams)
• Dynamic WSS
• Field order description per clip
• Aspect ratio description per clip
• Live UDP / SDI without time limit
• Macromedia Flash playback support (.FLV files)
• Deltacast Output Support – SD and HD plus CC ETA 708 (608) Deltacast HD
• Full control of all SDI signal components VANC (Closed captions, Teletext, WSS, Timecode), HANC, AES3 audio, raw SDI frame
• Automatic bypass relays included (power off, watchdog)
• Audio Embedding and de-embedding (AES3)
• Timecode (VITC, LTC, ATC) embedding and de-embedding

Deltacast HD

• Full control of all SDI signal components VANC (Closed captions, Teletext, WSS, Timecode), HANC, AES3 audio, raw SDI frame
• Automatic bypass relays included (power off, watchdog)
• Audio Embedding and de-embedding (AES3)
• Timecode (VITC, LTC, ATC) embedding and de-embedding

PlayBox Stream Analyzer

This is a newly developed s/w tool by PlayBox, which analyzes any incoming SDI feed:
• Freeze frame detection
• Black frame detection
• Audio clip glitches detection
• Audio silence detection and logging
• Logging / Notification / AlarmBox signalling Currently “Stream Analyzer” is available for DeckLink SDI input.

Digital Signage Wall
PlayBox Technology's next-generation digital signage platform, called PlayBox Digital Signage Wall (PlayBox DS Wall) uses an entirely new approach to building and driving video walls, compared to its rivals. The video output standard of the PlayBox Technology's platform is universal.
While other platforms use systems and external hardware devices to display the content to the multiple screens of the video wall, PlayBox DS Wall is doing the same task through its own systems only.
Unlike the other digital signage solutions offered on the market today, allowing only fixed configurations set of the screens, PlayBox DS Wall gives you the freedom and flexibility to position the displays in any configuration you can think of. Special in-built wizard facilitates screen configurations setup.
Subtitling Solutions by Playbox Technology
Single or Multi-channel subtitling/captioning with Single or Multi-language support via PlayBox solutions
• SubtitlePlus with additional output plugins (available on request)
• SubtitleBox (available on request)
• DVB Subtitle Server providing:
- Graphic DVB subtitles - for DVB only
- Text DVB subtitles - possible conversion into another type of closed subtitles such as teletext, subtitles or closed captions (EIA 608, EIA 708 or others).

Media Asset Management

You can manage and organize media files located on computers or storage devices in a network, analyze them, retrieve and edit the metadata, create sub-items and archive them with security. It is new generation supporting the tapeless environment.

Latest features:
• Option of showing metadata on thumbnails is improved so that different fields can be shown according to asset type
• ‘Copy’, ‘Paste’, ‘Search’, ‘Google Search’ and ‘Search in Project’ functions are added to the field viewer’s right-click menu
• Content in ‘Action History’ is re-ordered by time from newer to the older. Also an ‘Input Field’ is added for browsing pages
• Send to Playout Server: shows the playlist which is being played by playout server as well as adding a ‘Content Add/Remove’ function. This function is for AirBox servers.
• PlayBox plug-ins are used to create advanced events for AirBox such as TitleBox controls and matrix/switcher events
• ‘Thumbnail Quality Options’ is added (Project> Properties> Thumbnail Options).
• ‘Dynamic Bin’ has a customizable bin structure with the current date, file creation/modification date. This prevents the creation of unnecessary bins, such as XDCAM EX folders.
• Video frame scan information ‘Interlaced’ and ‘Progress’ is added as metadata.
• Audio mixer settings are added for H.264 and MPEG1-2 presets.
• Attachments feature
• 3GP/3G2 support.