Joy News Goes On Air With PlayBox Technology

Friday, June 29, 2012

Joy News goes on air confidently with PlayBox Technology. The news channel is part of Multi TV family – Ghana's premiere national free to air Satellite TV service. As part of the Multimedia Group Limited, Multi TV operates 20 Television and Radio Channels including Joy TV, Joy News, Joy Sports, Adom TV, Hitz TV, 4Kids, Cine Afrik, Nhyira TV, the Jesus Channel, Real TV.

The whole project started back in May 2010 when Scott Adams, Broadcast Systems Group Manager at PlayBox Technology UK, approached the management of Joy News. This matches the time when PlayBox Technology took a decision to increase its efforts and pay closer attention to the African market. “This is an extremely important market for us”, says Scott “When I first visited Ghana and met with broadcasters it was easy to see how PlayBox Technology could play its part in the move to Digital. Broadcasters realized the benefits of a file-based workflow and the cost savings of automated Channel-in-a-Box systems. The concern was it needed to be stable, reliable and at the right price point. This is exactly what we offer. Not only did we offer PlayBox Technology playout and graphics solutions to Joy News but we suggested the Newsroom system and the project then grew to include all the third party studio equipment too. We planned together all project stages and decided how to best implement the new HD Studio. After everything was clarified we signed the contract and the wheel started rolling.”

PlayBox Technology's Broadcast Systems Group were commissioned to provide Joy News with a brand new Live News Studio. It was agreed that PlayBox Technology would provide a full HD News studio to future proof the business going forward and give Joy News a cutting edge look to make it stand out from its rivals. For that purpose HD playout and graphics servers were supplied also. These come with AirBox and TitleBox working together to deliver crisp, eye-catching graphics and secure perfect playout.
Mr. Edwin Annan, Technical Director, Joy News says: “We were amazed by the simplicity and how logically all processes between AirBox and TitleBox happen. We were able to master using them in just a few days. However a news channel needs much more than “just” great playout automation and graphics system. The heart of any news channel is the journalists. In order to provide a smooth work process and better environment in the newsroom we needed a solution that would mainstream all news flow. More importantly, we needed a solution that would guarantee fast implementation and would be easy to use by a large number of people… from the journalist to the production director. PlayBox organized a NewsAir demo for us and after playing with it ourselves we decided that NewsAir was the right choice for us.”

Integral to the studio system is the PlayBox Technology News Room System, NewsAir which streamlines the workflow from production to on air. It brings together all the media used for today’s fast moving news presentations. It organizes live or recorded news content such as video, texts, stills, news agency stories, CGs, graphics, etc., for inclusion into the rundowns.

The workflow itself is pretty straight-forward. Media journalists work within the NewsAir News Room system to create News stories and News Packages. These News packages are mini-playlists which contain Video, Graphics Templates, Teleprompter Scripts and Live Events. Once the News package is complete and signed off by the person in charge, it is automatically sent to the HD AirBox for playout, HD TitleBox for Live Graphics and to the teleprompter system making sure that all systems are locked and loaded and ready to playout the News.

The HD News Production studio provided by PlayBox Technology gives Multi TV an efficient mix of automation and manually controlled systems allowing the broadcaster to effectively and quickly get the News on air, on time, but without completely losing the human control expected in a Live studio.