Global Consultancy Team to Help Large Broadcasters and Networks

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Large Broadcasters and Networks have a unique challenge, often needing to develop systems that span several locations with complex workflows and critical business needs. These are uniquely complex and require a special expertise to develop technologies and workflows that are efficient, effective and cost-sensitive.

To help meet this growing need, PlayBox Technology has created the Global Consultancy Team to work closely with these large broadcasters, and of course, our network of dealers working on larger projects.

“Every major manufacturer in the Broadcast Industry is being challenged to think and act more globally.” says Vassil Lefterov.  “Developing a team of high level consultants who can work with a large broadcaster from concept to completion, no matter how large the project may be, is increasingly important.

In the early stages, PlayBox Technology’s Global Consultancy Team will provide world class consulting for needs analysis, workflow, clarifying expectations, and developing the right platform to meet business and technology needs. As a project progresses, the same group of consultants will follow it through its life cycle to assure every detail is attended to, providing a consistency in approach and expertise.  After the initial project is completed, PlayBox Technology’s Global Consultancy team continues to be available.

“This new Consultancy Team is part of PlayBox Technology ’s evolution as an international company.” says Lefterov. “As the market has changed, so has PlayBox Technology. That adapting is about more than technology. It means developing the support systems to make sure clients always have the expertise they need, no matter how large or small their operations may be.”