ENI Asia Pte Ltd chooses PlayBox Technology

Thursday, May 31, 2012

ENI Media Asia PTE Ltd, a Korean company that provides a one-stop playout service, has installed a PlayBox Technology playout system at its premises in Singapore. This is now being used to broadcast The Football Channel on the Uplink platform.

The Football Channel describes itself as being “all about the world's most popular sport, featuring coverage on some of the top football leagues around the globe - the Spanish Primera Liga, the German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A and the Brazilian League. It also offers viewers an exciting mix of Asian and South American football, from the J-League to the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana and the America MLS league”

The PlayBox Technology system comprises a fully redundant playout system, currently operating in SD (HD Ready), comprising two AirBox and TitleBox servers (main and backup), six Ingest stations, PlayBox MAM, a CaptureBox, NAS shared storage, SafeBox, LTO 4 archiving system, media flow management and ListBox in goal. With the channel’s content being all about football, the playout system is required to provide more than the usual automated playout. The Football Channel also uses it in the demanding role LIVE sports operation.

ENI Media Asia Pte Ltd selected PlayBox Technology playout for its ease of operation and reasonable pricing. Now it has been in use for two months and the ENI team appreciates its versatility as well as the reliability. Its ability to operate as a modular or all-in-the-box system is also cited.