BHS Partners PlayBox Technology for Client Remote Playout Worldwide

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The EdgeBox playout solution designed and developed by PlayBox Technology is helping to enable the expansion of new TV channels around the world. Many follow traditional MCR-based workflow models but some are deployed to achieve new, more versatile and cost effective business models that expand the reach of TV channels. For a number of years BHS Telecommunication Ltd. has partnered with PlayBox Technology on a number of just such innovative projects that provide remote playout and satellite broadcasting for their clients worldwide.

PlayBox Technology’s involvement is in the supply of playout and channel branding capabilities in the form of systemised packages that include AirBox playout servers and TitleBox on-air graphics servers. These are built to support the particular requirements of BHS’s satellite TV broadcast channel customers. The details of individual channel requirements vary and so the complete PlayBox solution delivered to BHS is designed accordingly. For example, some clients have fully redundant systems. Some do not. In every case PlayBox Technology provides the onsite installation, commissioning at the required teleport where BHS has secured the necessary rack space and uplink facilities from the chosen satellite operator – including Telespazio, Italy and GlobeCast France.

These are remote-hosted playout solutions. The TV channel is able to remotely access, operate, monitor and supply content to the AirBox and TitleBox servers via public internet. This is a way for the channels to expand their coverage at relatively low cost. The continuing business with BHS is a testament to the success of these projects. Beyond the capabilities of the PlayBox playout solution, its stability and reliability as well as available service backup, are all essential contributions to this success.