2011 Was a Very Good Year for PlayBox Technology

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It has been a very exciting year for PlayBox Technology. Apart from the deployment of our best-of-bread Automation workflows, we were more and more involved by our customers into delivering complete turnkey projects and end-to-end solutions. These include our NewsAir News Room Computer System, integrated with our Playout and CG Servers, our Media Asset Management and TrafficBox products.

We closed our biggest ever project in Latin America – TV Appreciada (Brazil), our biggest ever project in USA – Olympusat (Florida), our biggest ever project on the Balkans – SBB (Belgrade, Serbia), our biggest ever project in Georgia – GMG (Tbilisi), our two biggest ever projects in Africa – “Assemblies of God” TV (Nigeria) and the Congo State TV “RTNC 1&2”, our biggest ever project in Romania – Romtelecom (Bucharest), the largest telecommunications company in Romania, etc. We delivered equipment for the National TV of Bolivia, for the National TV of Sri Lanka. We increased in 2011 year alone, the PlayBox servers in RRSAT (Israel) to 52 servers, in Noorsat (Bahrein) from 60 to 105 servers, in Jasco Jordan from 18 to 42 servers, etc. We are really glad to see, that in 2011 the total installed number of PlayBox servers in Middle East exceeded 450 units.

We use this opportunity to express our deep and sincere gratitude and appreciation of the confidence of our clients, dealers and industry partners, for the glorious success and growth of PlayBox Technology in the past year. Your trust motivates us to continue to pioneer and create best-of-breed technologies, to serve you diligently and bring quality to the global communications.

The growth of our 2011 revenues comes mainly from the 80%+ growth of our Asia Pacific operations and the 90%+ growth of our USA operations. All-time highest revenues are also booked by our Turkey, Romania and Serbia operations. We are entering January 2012 with an order backlog of over 1M EUR, which is quite a good start.

We started handling the Latin America market via our USA operations, by placing a dedicated Spanish speaking sales and support team in our Atlanta office.

We started building the presence of PlayBox Technology in Northeast USA, by relocating one key sales manager of PBT USA and the CEO of the company, Mr. Vassil Lefterov, to New York.

During 2011, we completely changed the management of our operations in Romania and Germany and we are very well prepared for the new year in both of these markets.

We have continued the process of ownership consolidation of our regional companies, so now PlayBox Technology Asia-Pacific is a fully 100% owned by the PlayBox Technology HQ entity. This will help us build-up this very promising operation of ours even quicker, as it has enormous growth potential.

We are proud to say, that the list of countries, where PlayBox products exceed 75% market penetration, now includes: Albania, Bahrein, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, Moldova, Nepal, Nigeria, Romania, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey. The list of countries, where PlayBox exceeds 50% market penetration, is actually way more impressive, but we will share it with you later this year.

One of the definite market trends we see is our customers’ increasing preference for investing in PlayBox servers with IP inputs/outputs, instead of the traditional SDI i/o. As an example, HOT, the biggest MSO in Israel, has recently purchased 4x 10-channel HD AirBox IP Streaming Servers with 1:1 Redundancy, for barker applications. Ericsson added 6x channels SD AirBox Streaming Servers to the MediaCorp IP platform in Singapore. KinoPolska DTH Platform upgraded their 12x channels AirBox DTH Platform with HD H.264 Streaming functionality. The reliable operation of our servers in the IP domain, and various new media applications, differentiates PlayBox Technology from the great majority of its competitors, and enables our users to benefit from the much easier IP routing infrastructure and flexibility of handling IP feeds, compared with the old-school analogue/SDI cabling-switching technologies. This future-proof positioning of PlayBox Technology is a unique advantage when taking into account the certain widespread adoption of IP-based content delivery technologies, next-generation networks, cloud-processing of video, etc.

With the launch of Dolby Digital support, HD Closed Captioning, advanced QC, automatic loudness normalization, multi-channel servers, complete workflow cycle, our offerings are evolving step-by-step from the typical middle-end positioning to start addressing the specific high-end needs of the top-tier broadcasters. We are firmly holding our ground in our established market niche, and we are now starting to conquer both the market segments, those above and below our current position. This year, 2012, will bring even more exciting news in this line of action.

Stay tuned – the best is yet to come!