PlayBox Technology at GV Expo/GovComm12

PlayBox Technology at GV Expo/GovComm12

Visit us at Communications Engineering Inc.
Booth #305

November 28 - 29, 2012, Hall D // Walter E. Washington Convention Center // Washington, DC

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PlayBox Technology is exhibiting together with Communications Engineering Inc. (CEI) at GV Expo/GovComm12. Visit Booth #305 to realize why over 12,000 channels worldwide are using PlayBox Technology to deliver their content to viewers. We are dedicated to the research, design and development of flexible software-based products for every broadcast operation. For 13 years of passionate software development, we have achieved unique price/performance and resilience of our product lines - HD or SD, IP or Video, scalable from a single channel to a 100-channel broadcast center.


Multi-Platform Production and Distribution Support

Simultaneously ingest, play and stream analog, SDI, DVB ASI or IP signals.

Play any format/compression/resolution content in the same playlist with automatic upscaling of SD content to HD, frame rate interpolation, etc.

Parallel simultaneous outputs in any combination needed - SDI, H.264 (MPEG-4) and MPEG-2 at the same time.

Disaster Recovery

PlayBox Technology can provide various levels of redundancy to provide business continuity in case a disaster strikes: from a compact DR system at the transmitter site, to a fully replicated DR operations center for multiple stations, which runs unattended and is managed remotely.

Automatic content replication and playlist translation from the main transmission system.

Output can be SD, HD or ASI/DVB; our IP-based Edge Server can also be utilized.

EdgeBox - Fully Redundant Automated Remote Playout

Access remote playout facility anywhere in the world, via Internet.

Daily Playlists are prepared in the broadcast center`s traffic system/MAM and sent to the remote EdgeBox servers where local storage content is confirmed, a list of missing content is automatically generated, and a request for missing media is sent back to the MAM for instant media transfer via multiple Internet paths and data checks. Connection paths to remote facilities are secured via a file transfer server and firewall.

Content also includes animated logos, multi-layered 2D and 3D graphics, multilingual audio and multilingual subtitle files.

EdgeBox is designed with no single point of failure, utilizing dual servers with triple redundant PSUs and automatic switchover.

Operations are monitored remotely with SNMP and VPN connectivity.

AdBox - Seamless Ad Insertion and Digital Program Insertion

Commercials, promotions or local programs can be added to your schedule to meet your need to monetize and localize your remote locations.

Installed locally or at the broadcast headend and monitored and controlled via the Internet.

GPI or Cue Tone triggers for the start of commercial break or program insertion. Integrated with traffic systems to streamline traffic and billing.

Deployments of multiple-channel AdBox systems utilize the proprietary UDP IP Switch and Universal Matrix Controller tool, which controls the switching for ad-insertion and DPI.

TimeShiftBox - Continuous Recording and Time-Delayed Playout

Allows setting of the playout delay from 1 minute to several days - HD/SD SDI configurations.

Logo Overlay and Unique Multi-Layer Interactive Graphic CG Insertion.

Easy monetizing of your network`s "Mountain Minute" - Complete one-box time-shift solution for accurately delaying program feeds, which gives you access to more commercial time for your West coast affiliates.

ABOUT PlayBox Technology

PlayBox Technology is an international communications and information-technology company serving the broadcast and corporate markets in more than 120 countries. It is dedicated to the research, design, development and provision of the best products, systems, solutions and services. With over 12,000+ TV and branding channels powered by PlayBox Technology the chances are you will have experienced our broadcast solutions for yourself. Users cover a wide range of today's broadcast activities and include start-up TV channels, webcasters, DVB (IP/ASI) TV channels, interactive TV and music channels, film channels, remote TV channels and disaster recovery channels as well as satellite, local, regional, national and international broadcasters.