NAB 2012, Las Vegas

PlayBox Technology at NAB 2012
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Monday 16th April - Thursday 19th April 2012
NOW 11,500 Playout and Branding Systems Worldwide
Multi Playout Manager (MPM) is a fully assignable monitoring and control system with rights management for multiple AirBox channels from one or more internet-connected PC’s locally or from anywhere in the world via IP. MPM is a networked workflow solution created for multi-channel playout centres to monitor and control all channels locally and assign full or restricted rights for any of the TV channels to one or more people to remotely monitor and/or control the TV channels from a remote PC, iPad, Mobile Phone etc.

MPM allows multiple operators with sufficient rights to monitor and control one or multiple channels schedules, programmes, view media files etc. and to even make live changes to the output when needed. MPM can be used in a simple or complex network infrastructure complete with full redundant operation when required.

TitleBox Dashboard enables the full power of TitleBox in live or recorded productions and gives multiple users in a networked environment the ability to contribute to news, sport, game shows and other live programmes. TitleBox Dashboard gives remote control of TitleBox objects arranged in a playlist with hierarchical structure, ideal for known events, and full flexibility to add and change events needed in live programmes.

AirBox Multi Parallel Output - AirBox MPO enables the running of two or more outputs so that broadcasters can easily provide parallel outputs in any combination needed to deliver the content. HD SDI, SD SDI (with realtime rescaling) and IP streaming, or for example, output in H.264 (MPEG-4) and MPEG-2 at the same time.

TitleBox Player - A new powerful product for TitleBox Automation, Scheduling and Playout of Computer Graphics and control. TitleBox Player allows designing a schedule with graphic events. It provides local and remote playlist automation control. It can be integrated with third party scheduling solutions like Traffic and News.

EdgeBox - Fully Redundant Automatic Remote Playout anywhere in the world via Internet that makes delivering a TV station, complete with local branding and content an economic reality, even for small audiences. EdgeBox enables the whole operation to be run from an established broadcast center, at a cost that makes sense.

QC BOX - Provides automatic monitoring of media files and delivers verification that legal and technical requirements will be met for successful AirBox playout. QCBox also monitors and allows for automatic adjustment of audio level and loudness during playout. Missing or Overlapped Frames, Black or Frozen Video, Missing Color Components (RGB, YUV) or Video Levels are all monitored by QCBox.

TimeShiftBox delays programmes by +1 Hour, +2 Hours etc. or for a few seconds to several days. The package includes logo insertion as standard and, optionally, a full CG package with interactive graphics internally keyed over the output video. Operation is straightforward with a main menu window that allows setting the delay. TimeShiftBox also inherits useful monitoring features, such as viewing the preview input and delayed output video, as well as audio level monitoring technology as used in the established AirBox playout server. Available in SD and HD.

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