SAT Plus adds PlayBox

Thursday, May 22, 2008

SAT Plus in Prague is a technical service provider for the cable operator UPC, and many other companies. It is expanding its operations with PlayBox solutions for TV broadcast playout.

The workflow comprises integrated PlayBox solutions that provide a high degree of automation as well as security of playout. The four UPC channels have diverse requirements with one offering interactive music, another for documentaries and two for information services. Each is supported by an AirBox playout server with 200 hours of fully redundant storage providing high on-air reliability working with a TitleBox graphics manager. System ingest is supplied by two CaptureBox servers.

A high degree of automation is built-in with AirBox able to control TitleBox graphics replay and CaptureBox working with external devices including switchers, routers and VTRs. Two DataBox system database servers manage the metadata of the large volume of programme and media files, which resides on the central storage. Scheduling, that can be many days or weeks in advance, is remotely performed via ListBox.
About SAT Plus
Founded in 2003, SAT Plus is TV technology integrator in Czech and Slovak Republic running 15 channels for cable TV, IPTV and satellite networks. It specialises in low-cost TV broadcasting, building regional and thematic TV stations. Cooperating with the biggest cable TV and IPTV broadcasters in Czech Republic it reaches over 800,000 households on the cable and IPTV network.