RCTI, Jakarta, chooses PlayBox Technology ProductionAirBox

Monday, November 3, 2014
Rajawali Citra Television Indonesia (RCTI), Indonesia's first privately owned broadcast television network, has chosen a PlayBox Technology ProductionAirBox for installation at its headquarters in Jakarta. The order was placed following a detailed demonstration the system's capabilities by Horizon Global Media, the PlayBox Technology distributor in Indonesia.
"RCTI required a system that could be deployed by its news room to preview standard definition and high definition video content arriving from various sources," says Stefanus Tandra, Senior Systems Engineer at Horizon. "The ProductionAirBox server is configured to accept four simultaneous channels arriving in parallel from multiple sources. It is equipped with an integral multiviewer as provides facilities that would previously have needed several video tape recorders. The RCTI operational and technical staff were impressed both by the capabilities of ProductionAirBox and by the fact that PlayBox Technology can provide local engineering and technical support."
"ProductionAirBox is a media manipulation and delivery system with the near-zero latency demanded for the fast-paced work environment of broadcast news, sports and live production. It accepts a wide range of file formats and resolutions can be imported into the playlist, with up to 16 digital audio channels to accommodate multi-channel multi-language programmes."
Based on multi-channel engine architecture, ProductionAirBox can deliver content rapidly in one-shot mode or from a playlist. Files with an alpha channel are output as independent fill and key sources. Supporting capabilities include clip timecode on the SDI output plus a clip trimmer with a dedicated SDI output. ProductionAirBox can also be controlled via VDCP and Media Object Server (MOS) protocols.
Changes to the playlist can be made even while on-air. Every clip in the playlist can be trimmed or repositioned on-the-fly using commands such as next, jump or shuttle. All changes are performed seamlessly without interrupting the current playout session. Up to four independent players can be accommodated on a single server. Each player has separate playlist and playout control. Four SDI interfaces can be assigned as programme or preview outputs. Operation can be streamlined using single channel or multichannel user interfaces.
About RCTI
RCTI was officially inaugurated on August 24, 1989, by President Suharto as Indonesia's first privately-owned commercial broadcasting terrestrial television network. Evening programming was launched by Minister of Information Harmoko. RCTI initially broadcast to the Jakarta area from Jabodetabek as a local pay-television channel and was awarded a nationwide license in 1990. It now has 48 relay stations around Indonesia and reaches 180 million viewers. RCTI is 100 percent owned by PT Media Nusantara Citra (MNC), which also owns Global TV and 75 percent of MNCTV, both private Indonesian television stations.