Pro TV Montenegro plays out with PlayBox Technology

Monday, August 4, 2008

PlayBox Technology has completed a turnkey project that provides Pro TV Montenegro with a complete playout workflow. This includes a full complement of PlayBox Technology solutions for the high quality 24/7 playout of PRO TV channel in Montenegro. This new channel distributes via satellite and cable to Montenegro and Serbia and will play news, movies and live shows reaching over 2 million households.
Designed by PlayBox Technology, the project included the supply and installation of AirBox playout, TitleBox interactive graphics and TrafficBox systems making a compact and efficient playout facility. This offers simple operation and maintenance as well as a platform for the long-term planning and monitoring of broadcast programmes and  advertising campaigns.
The complete solution comprises a number of separate modules that are integrated to provide the whole playout workflow according to PRO TV’s requirements. This is fully automated: from the two CaptureBox ingest servers through to the PlayBox 4TB NAS SATA server and the AirBox and TitleBox on-air playout servers. PRO TV Montenegro has two dual-channel AirBox servers, each with one playout and one preview channel. A third dual-channel server provides playout redundancy. All can be remotely controlled via the Multi Airbox Manager that simplifies the whole playout operation.
Two SafeBox modules manage the media throughout the whole workflow. They interpret the transmission schedules and orchestrate the flow of media from ingest through to transmission, ensuring that all media is ready and in the right place at the right time. Any missing items are flagged and notified to the operators. The preparation and running of Serbian subtitles takes place in SubtitlePlus. Logo insertion is available from TitleBox that provides the preparation and presentation of animations, pictures and logos. The graphics playout can be manual or controlled from the playout automation by AirBox.

ListBox enables creating and editing playlists for use days or weeks in advance and automated subtitling is provided by the SubtitleBox  modules on all playout servers.
TrafficBox provides television business management. It includes programme planning, traffic scheduling and advertising sales operations and is accessed by the 30 users who plan, schedule and prepare playlists. TrafficBox’s advertising and sales module allows an efficient workflow for long-term advertising, promo and sponsorship planning using dynamic routines covering the whole sales process from proposal to invoice.