PlayBox Technology Streamlines Ops at Olympusat

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

By Tom Mohler, Chief Executive Officer, Ocean Holdings

West Palm Beach, FLA. – Olympusat is the leading developer and distributor of independent Hispanic, Specialty and Faith & Family television networks in the United States.
Our operations are located nationwide and we had been depending on two third-party program originators to help broadcast content to our partners. However we wanted to bring our programming origination services in-house to realize more efficiencies. Our search for technology that would enable us to do this reliably and efficiently led us to PlayBox Technology.

Olympusat now uses PlayBox Technology to put our original programming channels on the air via direct broadcast, satellite or fiber networks, internationally and domestically. We have used PlayBox to successfully launch our suite of 10 Ultra HD Plex Spanish-language channels in March on Verizon FiOS. Olympusat also originates five SD Channels via PlayBox Technology gear, and uses the compamy’s automation to switch a number of our part-time clients in and out of the Verizon FiOS and Time Warner feeds.


The PlayBox video servers are located in Nashville and we remotely control them from our headquarters in West Palm Beach via DS 3 connectivity. Monitoring and control for the networks are also handled remotely from Florida. Additionally, we operate a Mexico City location which has 24/7 access to PlayBox support.

We also use backup chains to protect operations should any of our networks fail.  If a problem arises with the on air playlist, the system will automatically copy the playlist from that channel to the backup server and play out the content across the network until the PlayBox SafeBox software is able to pull the content over to the local drive.

In addition to PlayBox’s server technology, Olympusat relies on several other PlayBox products in our day-to-day operations. This includes their AirBox universal playout and streaming automation server, the TitleBox graphics generator, and SafeBox automated media manager system for replicating remote content to local playout server folders.

Deploying PlayBox Technology has cut our costs in half compared to over our previous arrangement, without sacrificing capabilities. Our program origination now all takes place under one roof, and this affords us much greater efficiencies than having our operations spread across the country and working via phone and e-mail. In addition, installation of the PlayBox systems has greatly increased our productivity.

The launch of our Ultra HD Plex operation was both successful and historic in terms of rolling out Spanish language content in high definition across the United States and PlayBox Technology had a big part in making that launch success. We now plan to migrate four additional networks over to PlayBox systems for program origination in the near future.

Published in TV Technology, January 2, 2013, page 29