PlayBox Technology Streamlines Digital Video Broadcasting in USA

Monday, April 1, 2013

SPI International USA uses PlayBox to Launch New Channels

PlayBox Technology USA delivered a fully integrated multi-channel Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) workflow solution to SPI International USA. The PlayBox solution allows two new channels, DocuBox & FashionBox, to easily broadcast from the hosting company in New York City while operators manage and control the system remotely. Both channels are theme-based; Docubox presents non-fiction documentaries and TV shows, while Fashionbox covers the world of style, beauty, and fashion.

SPI chose PlayBox for their premium, cost-effective integrated solutions. This specific solution consists of two HD playout & graphics servers feeding the European version of the channels, one Dual-Channel playout server for the US audience and a Dual-Channel playout server for backup. These channels are managed via the Multi AirBox Manager, while the DVB Muxer and DVB Subtitle server provide an integrated invisible/selectable subtitle solution.

For distribution in local European markets, Docubox and Fashionbox channels feed crosses the ocean via fiber connection after the Video, Audio and Subtitle data streams are merged within the DVB Muxer from PlayBox.

Mufit Umar, COO and CTO of SPI international USA, says: “The AirBox playout servers allow us to play different frame rate content with either NTSC or PAL output while providing the opportunity for on-the-fly conversions.” Mr. Umar continues, “There was no other product with this price advantage, which was easy to use and easy to maintain at the same time.”

Onsite training was provided by PlayBox Technology for all systems with particular focus on playout.  Training was split and tailored for both operational and technical staff.

About SPI International USA

For over twenty years SPI International, Inc. has been a leading supplier of theatrical films and a wide variety of television programming to the international market. Due to our success we have expanded into a global media group with 34 channels and over six (6) million paying subscribers in ten countries.

SPI TV includes 8 HD channels, 6 of which have global rights offering over 7,000 hours of programming. SPI’s unique capabilities allow us to offer on-demand and channel content anytime, anywhere and on any digital device.