PlayBox Technology solution to playout the APEC event in Peru

Friday, May 29, 2009

PlayBox Technology delivered the playout solution for Telefonica Media Network for the 16th APEC Economic Leaders’ Week, the main event of APEC Peru 2008. PlayBox Technology supplied the complete integrated automation and playout workflow. It included 3 CaptureBox for ingest which passed material to the RAID protected central media store from which the 3 AirBoxes load and play the media to air. The integration of AirBox with the 3 TitleBox servers allowed the manipulation of graphic objects, templates, etc. to be fully automated from the AirBox servers.
Tight integration of all the PlayBox Technology modules made a simple yet very reliable and straightforward workflow solution that was of initial importance for live the playout of this important event that was further broadcasted by hundreds of other Media Agencies including CNN. For Peru, this APEC year represented an enormous opportunity to showcase its economic progress in recent years and to share their rich heritage with the world and that made the vent of significant importance to be broadcasted worldwide.
Telefonica was the Host Broadcaster for APEC Peru 2008, and the APEC 2008 Taskforce – held in Lima APEC Leaders’ Week in November. Both PlayBox Technology and Telefonica succeed in ensuring media were provided with convenient and comprehensive facilities, along with timely delivery of broadcast quality Host Broadcaster footage. An International Media Center (IMC) provided a state-of-the-art integrated spacious working environment.

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