PlayBox Technology solution for Zee TV, India

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

PlayBox Technology has delivered tapeless playout automation to Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, one of India’s leading television, media and entertainment companies, for its five Indian TV channels(Zee Premier, Zee Action, Zee Classic etc.). Supplied as a complete integrated playout workflow, it includes four CaptureBox servers to ingest and store content to the RAID-protected central media storage. Five AirBox servers upload the content from the RAID and play it to air according to the daily playlist files loaded from Zee’s existing billing management system (BMS). Each AirBox is integrated with a TitleBox, allowing the manipulation of graphic objects, templates, etc. that are fully automated under control from the AirBox servers.
The entire chain is backed up by the top-of the-range PlayBox multi-backup manager (N+M), managing the entire chain of PlayBox playout automation workflow backed up by an AirBox and a TitleBox graphics server.
Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited is one of India’s leading television, media and entertainment companies. It is amongst the world’s largest producers and aggregators of Hindi programming, with library housing over 80,000 hours of television content. With rights to more than 3,000 movie titles, Zee houses the world’s largest Hindi film library and entertains over 500 million viewers across 167 countries.