PlayBox Technology NewsAir Automates Three News Channels in Moldova

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PlayBox Technology has been busy with new projects in Moldova with three clients taking advantage of the latest technology to provide high performance News Room Computer Systems to their existing PlayBox Technology workflow.

Jurnal Tv 24/7 News Channel

Working together with PlayBox Romania, the first News channel in Moldova has been launched this year. The Jurnal Tv project started with SD servers but now they are broadcasting HD, so PlayBox has proved, once again, how scalable and flexible can be.

Starting with the ingest section, there are four ingest points built on PlayBox CaptureBox systems recording in XDCAM and MPEG2 HD encoded formats. Ingested files are either automatically transferred to the Metus Library for archiving or sent via FTP to the News storage for immediate playback or editing. The 16TB storage blocks use Fibre Channel technology that provides fast data transfer and this helps to save a lot of time in encoding, creating low res files and transferring data.

The Jurnal Tv project comprises two complete workflows to fully cover all requirements: for News and for MAM. For News, the NewsAir newsroom computer system allows all people involved in News creation, editing and delivering for playout to use a very simple web-based interface. There, among many other features, they can write, edit and create playlists for immediate playback of the video files to air. The playback of a prepared bulletin is completed with AirBox playout and TitleBox CG graphics in the News Studio that also delivers the prompter text.

For MAM, the Metus Library covers the rest of the needs for programmes, such as recorded shows, commercial playlists, etc. The MAM is tightly integrated with the ingest area, getting files automatically recorded. Then five operators using the Client interface create the playlists for the main playout in MCR. And, thanks to the link between the AirBox and TitleBox, the control of graphics is easily performed.

Finally, the Metus Library provides archiving which will be further expanded to LTO tapes.

Publika TV 24/7 News Channel

Following on from the successful collaboration of PlayBox with the Realitatea News Channel in Romania, a News project in Republic of Moldova was also initiated. This project uses almost the same workflow as Jurnal Tv, but without the Metus Library. The NewsAir system is present and connected through FC to two 16TB NAS storages. The files needed are ingested in two PlayBox CaptureBox ingest servers delivering the content by FTP.

When the news bulletins are fully prepared, the data is sent to a total of four AirBox playout servers that provide two fully redundant channels to cover main news playout and the main commercial / recorded show playout.

Prime TV Third News Channel

At the beginning of May, Prime TV upgraded its existing PlayBox solution with the installation of a NewsAir newsroom computer system. The purpose is to have three bulletins per day fully automated by the newsroom computer system, linked to external NAS storage through FC. In this integration AirBox playout, TitleBox on-air graphics and CG for the presentation of newswire service information were added. The workflow begins with the new news footage being ingested by a PlayBox CaptureBox server and sent over FTP to the NAS storage.