PlayBox Technology makes tapeless playout in Azerbaijan

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Full tapeless technology has been used at  the first four private regional TV channels, CanubTV, STV, EvlaxTV and RTV in Azerbaijan. Interactive CGs, CaptureBox, AirBox are used as a main system components, as well as DataBox, ListBox and SafeBox options. These PlayBox Technology tapeless systems were integrated by ProMix Company and based on Supermicro PC platforms. They have proved to be reliable, economic high technology solutions.
The Chief of the Azerbaijan Regional TV Network, Mr Rustam Aliyev, said: “I’m satisfied! We have reduced our current yearly budget because we are not using tapes at all, and we do not need to keep our VTR park. PlayBox gives us the possibility to develop our news service. Now it is fast, reliable and modern! ” Over 2008-2009 PlayBox Technology’s TitleBox CGs were used by other Azerbaijan TV channels including Lider TV, ITV, Space TV and the BBTV cable channel.
PlayBox Technology and local partner ProMix Company continues to design and to develop series of projects in Azerbaijan.