PlayBox Technology Equips Giga TV - The Latest Romanian TV Channel

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PlayBox Technology equipped the latest Romanian TV channel called Giga TV Situated in Bucharest. The new TV channel aims high with very heterogeneous programming consisting of news, talk shows, films and entertainment. Giga TV is aiming to be in the Top 3 National Broadcasters, their motto: “We Think Different!” and together with quality programmes is the basis for future success.

Alex Selu, IT Director for Giga TV says: “We chose PlayBox Technology for its robust, reliable and cost-effective HD playout, graphics, ingest and news systems. The main reasons are integration and automation in the workflow. User-friendly interfaces, ease of use and avoiding human errors are important. In order to execute our project we purchased four AirBox HD playout servers, two TitleBox graphics servers for CG and graphics, two Dual-Channel ingest servers, one storage server and a NewsAir system.” He continues, “We use two AirBox servers for each, MCR and studios, where backup is provided by the second AirBox server. The playout servers use the SafeBox solution to supply playlists and files. The full integration between NewsAir and AirBox allows the use of the same tools for automated content management where safe playback is crucial. NewsAir organizes live or recorded news content such as video, texts, stills, news agency stories, phone calls, CGs, graphics, etc., for inclusion in the news bulletins. High capacity central storage is also provided by PlayBox Technology.”

The ingest system is already SD/HD and content is ingested in HD in preparation for the future launch of HD channels. Additional channels of playout and ingest can also easily be added to the workflow.

Andrei Gheorghe, Country Manager for PlayBox Technology Romania, says: “Future plans for Giga TV include adding a fully functional PlayBox MAM solution. The fully integrated media asset management system with post production integration and MAM clients will help us to better organize our video, audio, photograph, and documents throughout the facility.”

Onsite training was provided by PlayBox Technology for all systems with particular focus on playout, news and workflow best practices.  Training was split and tailored for both operational and technical staff.