PlayBox Technology chosen by TV Sakartvelo in Georgia

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PlayBox Technology, in cooperation with Qualitron, has delivered a fully redundant playout solution for TV Sakartvelo in Tbilisi, Georgia. The new television channel broadcasts mainly documentaries, information and educational programmes.

The PlayBox Technology workflow comprises a number of integrated solutions that were selected to meet TV Sakartvelo’s requirements to provide fast, reliable and simple operation. Ingest is achieved using two CaptureBox servers that control different external devices, including routers and VTRs, to offer both manual and automatic media ingest. Fully redundant playback is achieved using main and redundant AirBox playout servers, each with 200 hours of storage. Multi-AirBox control manager provides simple control and monitoring of both main and redundant AirBox servers and can itself be controlled via a standard HTML browser. SafeBox content manager orchestrates the whole flow of media transfer from CaptureBox ingest thought to the main and redundant AirBox playout. ListBox enables creation and editing of schedules that may be produced days, weeks or months ahead of transmission.

About TV Sakartvelo   
TV Sakartvelo, an information channel designed to promote Euro-Atlantic integration, is now on air in Georgia. The new TV channel was established in September 2007 under an agreement between the Georgian Defence Ministry and TV Sakartvelo. Presently it is broadcasting movies and documentaries as well as local production. For more information please visit