PlayBox playout for BBTV New Media

Friday, April 25, 2008

PlayBox Technology has supplied a complete playout solution to Bangkok Broadcast Television New Media (BBTV New Media), a new public Web TV station in Thailand.

The all-PlayBox workflow includes a fully redundant playout system for maximum reliability using two AirBox playout servers, one master and one redundant. Each server is supplied with 336 hours of RAID-3 protected storage and includes TitleBox interactive CG. AirBox playout servers can control external devices such as switchers, routers, VTRs, etc. and is tightly integrated with TitleBox allowing the manipulation of graphic objects, templates and more, for full automation from AirBox. ListBox is used to create the schedules and DataBox to manage the media content. CaptureBox ME is used for monitoring and compliance recording of BBTV’s output.

About BBTV
Bangkok Broadcasting & Television Company Limited started broadcasting in 1967 under license from the Royal Thai Army. Popularly known as Channel 7, it was the first station to transmit colour television in the Southeast Asian region. Since 1967 Channel 7 has consistently served the general public with information and entertainment programmes. In 1973, Channel 7 installed its first ground network station in the province and expanded the facility to comprise 34 stations to date and covers the whole country including viewers on the border regions of neighbouring countries. BBTV New Media is a daughter company of the Bangkok Broadcasting & Television Company Limited and provides WebTV for alternate Channel 7 on internet.